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  • What is an air ambulance?
    Air ambulances are aircraft specifically equipped to transport patients who require medical treatment or assistance. This aircraft is manned by medical personnel and equipped with medical equipment to provide advanced medical support during transportation.
  • When is an air ambulance used?
    Air ambulances are typically used in situations where time is of the essence, such as when a patient requires immediate medical attention or needs to be transported a long distance or over difficult terrain. Typically used for emergency medical evacuation, organ transfers, and transfers between medical facilities.
  • What type of aircraft is used as an air ambulance?
    Various types of aircraft can be used as air ambulances, including helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. The choice of aircraft depends on factors such as the patient's condition, the distance to be traveled, and the availability of a suitable landing area. Such as Learjet, Gulfstream, Avanti and Hawker. Meanwhile, for commercial aircraft use, Lion Air and Sriwijaya Air are used for domestic flights. Why Lion Air and Sriwijaya Air? Faster management helps patients quickly get referrals to destination hospitals. Why Not Garuda Indonesia or Citilink? because Garuda Indonesia and Citilink planes cannot yet use stretchers.
  • How much does an air ambulance flight cost?
    The cost of an air ambulance flight can vary depending on factors such as the distance to be covered, the type of aircraft used, the medical equipment and personnel required, and other related services. Air ambulance costs can be quite large and may not always be fully covered by insurance. For example, in the case of Jakarta - Singapore, using a private jet, the costs range from USD 25,000 to USD 27,000, all in bed to bed. Meanwhile, if you use a commercial aircraft, the costs will be around 90 million rupiah.
  • What does this cost include?
    The costs incurred for Air Ambulance are all in bed to bed including: Accompanying Doctor and Nurse Fees Medical Devices Oxygen Cylinder Ground Ambulance Groundhandling Costs KKP fees KKP Ambulance Flying Certificate Family of 2 people
  • Can an air ambulance transport every patient?
    Air ambulances are capable of transporting patients with various medical conditions. We will prepare all kinds of medical equipment needed for the patient's condition.
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