What is the purpose of the bed to bed service air ambulance?

Bed to bed service is the most complete medical evacuation. Include:

  • Provide of medical teams (doctors and nurses).

  • Ground ambulance services in the city where the patients treated as well as in the destination city.

  • Coordination with hospitals and physician referral, setting room and ICU.

  • Handling immigration and custom clearance.


How many escort or companion join in the aircraft?

Depending on the aircraft type but mostly total companion 2 or 3 persons. In certain conditions :

  • The patient's condition is really critical, it is advisable to limit the number of doctor's companion in order to have space.

  • Wider flexibility just in case if it were necessary emergency actions during flight.


Are you provided doctors and nurses during the flight?

Yes, in every flight we always provide the senior medical team (doctors and nurses) which has experienced on medical evacuation. We also provide portable medical equipment and medicines in accordance with the needs and condition of the patient.


What should the patient's family do?

Starting from the administrative, process of departure, coordination with referral hospital, immigration process, pick up from airport to hospital at the destination country/city, we will organized (all in). Families of patient's can be more calm and focus on patient's care.


How coordination with referral hospitals?

Our staff will coordination with referral hospitals, booking ICU room, treatment, also communicating with doctors to be cared for. We will always inform the referral hospital to the doctor about the progress of evacuation. so that physicians and their referral hospital and its emergency team has been ready in time for your loved ones to arrive at a referral hospital.


How much the cost of medical evacuation with air ambulance?

Cost of evacuation depends on the type of aircraft, fuel prices and aircraft movements. One thing is for sure that we always committed to provide the best price because we understand the patient still requires the cost of hospital care referral.


In addition to chartered air ambulance is there any other alternatives?

We also provide commercial aircraft. But not all patients are able to use this method, greatly depends on condition and type of illness, the processing time of approximately 2 working days from confirmation to departure.